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      1. 描述

        Corporate Vision: To gather talents in the world and create a century of trillions.


        Enterprise tenet: casting quality, surpassing self; teamwork and contributing to society.


        Entrepreneurial spirit: integrity, dedication, teamwork, pragmatism, transcendence, dedication.


        Corporate ethos: righteousness, ambition, and sharpness.


        Corporate strategy: strong talents, main business, enterprise, and enterprise.


        Business philosophy: based on the first-line market, open up new bases, and win famous brands.


        Management philosophy: people-oriented, respect contracts, continuous improvement, and strive for excellence.


        Service concept: excellence, service is endless, details determine success or failure.


        Distribution concept: recognize labor differences, emphasize grade differences, and value human capital.


        Quality concept: products like people; quality as life.


        Talent concept: responsibility, competence, good responsibilities, trust.


        Safety concept: safety first, prevention first; obey the law and care for life.


        Cost concept: efficient, scientific and economical.



        The behavioral norms led by Zhongzhao Construction Group:

        Be mindful of the overall situation, fairness and fairness, self-discipline and independence, and full authorization.


        Zhongzhao Construction Group Management Code of Conduct:

        Strict and pragmatic, diligent communication, emphasis on collaboration, and efficiency.


        The basic behavioral norms of Zhongzhao Construction Group employees:

        Loyal to Zhongzhao, honest and trustworthy; teamwork, dedication and diligence; diligent learning, innovation and enterprising.